Open Source Declaration
Albis Technologies products contain, among other things, embedded Open Source Software, licensed under an Open Source Software License and developed by third parties. The Open Source Software components included in the STB software are protected by copyright.
Please read the information given under this link for more information.
Release 8073.SDK.02.XX.0630.37 includes the following Open Source components:
Boot Loader
DHCP Client Deamon
IR Remote Control Driver
Kernel Injector Driver
Key Pad
LED driver
Libconfig Library
Linux Kernel
Log4C++ Library
Memory allocator
NTFS file system
Software Update
SQLite Data Base
Tool Box Driver
In addition to the above mentioned packages, the STB software is based on other software packages which, in their turn, may be based on free or open source software. A link to their respective web page is given below.
Free Type Font []
The STB software is based on part of the work of the Free Type Team.
More information can be found under the link given above.
JPEG Library []
The STB software is based on part of the work of the Independent JPEG Group (IJG).
A link to the IJG group is given above.
Details on ST-Linux free and open source software can be found under the link given above